NODA Review – Little Shop of Horrors

I always look forward to my visits to the Isle of Man and this was certainly no exception.  I know this show well and I was delighted with this production.

The show opened to an excellent set built by society members with the exception of some flats which were hired in.

Chiffon – Jo Clucas, Crystal – Kate Cowley and Ronette – Alice Quayle, the three girls who opened the show were excellent; all with splendid singing voices with great harmonies which gave the audience a taste of what was to be a superb evening’s entertainment.

Audrey – Tracey McCann and Seymour – Dean Callow blossomed as the show progressed and never deviated from their characters throughout. Dean is a young man who has played some very diverse roles and must be an asset to any society with whom he performs.

David Lyons as Orin the bloodthirsty Dentist had us cringing as he got to work on his hapless “patient” very well played by Isaac Murtagh. David must have had a very busy night as he also turned up in various other minor roles.

John Short – Mr Mushnik showed his obvious experience in a most enjoyable performance.

Audrey II the man-eating alien plant looked magnificent. The fully grown version was staggering to behold but without someone to operate “her” she would be nothing. David Barrett who has worked as singer, actor and director for many years made Audrey II come alive and together with some great lighting effects made her truly terrifying.

Mike Boner as the voice of Audrey II was superb. He has a great vocal range and it must have been very difficult to synchronise with the plant’s movements.

The members of the orchestra and ensemble were excellent. Under the direction of MD, David Holland they were used to great effect.

The stage crew were, as expected, up to their usual high standard. The Society must be delighted to have them as an important part of the team.

Costumes were excellent – some being sourced locally to give a vintage look.

Lighting and sound effects were just right throughout and helped to make this one of the best productions I have seen recently.

This is the first time I have seen a show directed by Anthony Williams who has given all who have seen it, a night to remember.

Thank you all for the warm welcome and well done, once again.

Eddie Regan

North West District 2 Representative